DHSDG 120618 FB Event Cover

Everyone is a winner this Tuesday night cuz we’re keeping the Beers flowing freely so that y’all can go all-out at our Drinking Games!


The games are as follows:


Flip Cup: There are 2 teams of 4-5. Starting at one end of the table, the first member of each team chugs his beer. As soon as the cup is empty, the player puts it face up on the edge of the table and tries to flip it over so it lands face down, on its rim. When it does, the game continues to the next person.


Beer Pong: Two teams of 4-5 Players each, attempt to throw a table tennis balls into cups of beer which are one the opposite side of a table. When a team lands a ball in a cup, the opponents are required to drink the contents of that cup.


Come home to the good times!