It’s going to be a great Saturday night, full of awesome indie music from one of our favourite acts, the power-packed live electronic act Fuzzy Logic!

Fuzzy Logic, aka Arfaaz Kagalwala, has made it his life’s mission to strengthen the human element in electronic music. Whether playing a DJ set with live vocal loops or performing with analog synthesizers, drums and other instruments, Fuzzy Logic aims to make electronic music more personal.

His music video from his latest EP debuted on VICE’s Thump Channel and was also ranked as one of the tracks of the week on the European music blog DAMM, alongside internationally acclaimed artists such as Chromeo and Flying Lotus.

Fuzzy Logic played more than 16 gigs to packed dance floors within the first 12 weeks of launching his debut EP, Money Talks in January 2014. MTV Indiesnamed Fuzzy Logic as one of the “10 Indie Electronica Artists That You Cannot Afford To Miss“, while VH1 rated his Money Talks EP an 8 on 10. Incidentally, this is the same rating they awarded Daft Punk’s Grammy winning-album Random Access Memories. Indie music portal NH7.in said, “One of the year’s first independent deep-house releases is here and a satisfying listen that’ll definitely make people work on the dance floor

His current sound combines elements of UK garage, (influenced largely by artists such as SBTRKT and Mount Kimbie, with elements of deep house and techno. In the past he has produced a cross-genre range of electronic music, using glitchy samples and familiar sounds. Whether perceived as bass music or glitchy house, Fuzzy Logic keeps the dance floor buzzing and the music fresh.

Fuzzy Logic collaborates with percussionists, horn and guitar players. The sets are a spontaneous mix of groovy rhythms, live jams and familiar samples.

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So there you have it, folks! Fuzzy Logic bringing you a whole new vibe to electronic music! Let’s get this Saturday going! See you at Home!