Gaurav Jagwani’s ‘Part Time Gangsters’ pay us a visit this Saturday night with an offer we can’t refuse, a blend of Folk, Blues & Pop originals & even a few eclectic covers of popular songs!

About the Artist

Gaurav Jagwani is known as one-half & primary songwriter of the now defunct Indie-Pop duo, The Yellow Pages.

Gaurav Jagwani’s Part Time Gangsters was formed in 2015 when he was recording in the studio for his debut release, Silence… And A Child. The name simply derives from the fact that Gaurav rarely plays two gigs with the same band members. The earliest members of his band were
Tanmay (Mauj Maharaja, Something Relevant) on bass along with Vivaan Kapoor (Chickeen Masala) on drums. Since the release of his album, Gaurav has played various shows both as a solo artist or with a bunch of musicians from the scene. For his album release anniversary dates, his band consists of Suprateek Chaterjee ( Hologram 28), Varun Kapahi and back on drums is Vivaan Kapoor (Chickeen Masala). Gaurav is currently in the studio and is planning multiple releases toward the end of the year.

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