Saturday night’s gonna be lit, cause who doesn’t like live bands?

Swing along to the versatile & powerful vocalist Jameer K & his Friends as they rock the high stage this Saturday night. From Rock, Funk, RnB, Alternatives, to Jazz, they’ve got it all.

About the Artists:

Jameer K is a soloist singer/songwriter who collaborates with different known artiste in and around India. Here he is with Different Artistes comprising of Savio Passanah who is also the guitarist of The June Tom Influence which has just released an EP some few months back, Rishi Rai who is also the Bassist of an Internatinal Band Silver which is well known all over India, as well as Amit Godse the Drummer of Silver and lastly we have Arjun Shivatsan who is the Keyboardist of Point Blanc, The June Tom Influence and Stud muffin.

Come home to the music!