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The Local Scene is our initiative to exhibit homegrown talent & give our upcoming local beatmakers a platform to play their tunes!

Bringing in this Thursday night we’ve got Dipesh Mehta spinning magic into any song, covering a handful of genres like retro, club, house and hip hop. Followed by DJ Shrikant taking over the deck with immense talent, dropping absolute bangers of EDM and Trance.



About the Artists:


Dipesh Mehta-

With 11 years of experience Dipesh as a DJ is as adept at mixing music as he is in understanding the crowd’s preferences. When he’s at his best he can turn any event into a party. He is as versatile as the genres of music he plays. With Pune as his home turf, Dipesh has played at some of the most renowned clubs in and around Pune. He is slowly making headway on international scenes also.


DJ Shrikant-

I’ve always had a thing for Electronic Dance Music. It started when I began my career. I graduated in 2005, from Denon DJ Academy, Shrikant (one half of Collective Frequency) has been DJing for 15+ years now. Starting off playing at many multi genre parties, Shrikant steadily developed his sound and skillset. Opening for the legendary Above & Beyond is one feather-in-the-cap that Shrikant is super proud of!


Come home to the talent!