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The Local Scene is our initiative to give our local beatmakers a platform to spin their tunes.
This Thursday night Wobblehead takes over the decks with his nature inspired heavy bass, thumping beats & intense compositions followed by Qube dishing out a blend of Rap, Jazz, & classical influenced Lo-Fi beats!
About the Artists
Pratik Chettiar is a 24 year old Dj and Producer from Pune (India) who performs under the moniker WobbleHead. His journey started in the year 2011 and he has been playing gigs ever since. WobbleHead is always intrigued by changing and mixing sound patterns and creating edgy and high frequency tunes. His sounds are majorly influenced by nature, heavy bass, thumping beats and intense compositions. He loves mixing in catchy, quirky sounds into his tracks and sets to make them sound unique and crazy! But above all else, he loves using his passion for music to change people’s moods and thoughts.
Anaoshak Irani a.k.a Qube, one of the city’s most seasoned DJs has been djing in and around Pune for over the last decade. A big fan of all types of music  and
Unrestricted by genres, He plays and produces across the spectrum of electronic music . After a brief patch of tweaking in the studio ,he’s back on the decks this week . Catch him dishing out a blend of hip hop, rap,jazz and classically influenced lo fi beats which will include a few of his unreleased originals.
Come home to the music!