Noah Slee combines traditional soul influences whilst experimenting with electronic production blending an array of genres raging from future beats, contemporary soul, prog rnb to indie electronica. He’s made it big, and he’s made it to the High stage this Sunday afternoon.

We’ve got Midland Sparks right after, an Indian musical outfit headed by Maitreya Rajurkar. Treading deep into a multiplicity of genres, Midland Sparks works on a newfangled sound which is contemporary, unorthodox and takes refuge in latter-day bass music.

Come home to the music!

About the Artist:

NOAH ALEE-The voice of Noah Slee drifts from totemic soul to the unfolding limits of pop, slung mist-like between eruptions of digital rhythm. It’s a voice that slips between three continents, that can knot into pure percussion and uncoil into a thread of falsetto in the space of a verse. But for Noah Slee, the future has been a long time coming. Growing up in a Tongan household in West Auckland, New Zealand, he listened to African reggae through a wood laminate stereo and woke to the clamour of Earth Wind and Fire. Everything is gathered, disembodied, and reimagined, nothing from his past seems entirely discarded.

MIDLAND SPARKS- Midland Sparks sets are a journey to behold, drifting seamlessly through a diverse array of sounds; maintaining a carefully curated flux of rapid footwork, wonky hip hop, breakneck jungle, left-of- center four on the floor, sub-loaded dubstep, high voltage drum n bass territories of half time, slow / fast and beats from the underbelly of the whole wide world.