This Sunday Cookout is a truly special one as we celebrate our favourite Electro-Rock Duo, Sapta’s decade long journey of continuous evolution, changing soundscapes, pioneering styles, ground-breaking music & incredible Live performances! Presenting Sapta’s 10 Year Anniversary Special cookout!
About the Artist:
Sapta is one of India’s top 5 Live electronic acts! Formed in 2007 by Marti Bharath, Sapta has continuously evolved to make their sound different & are currently crafting a whole new dimension in the Indian Electro-Rock community.
Since 2011 Sapta has been touring as a duo with the addition of Tapass Naresh on the drums.Their unique soundscape draws on Marti’s experiences of living & performing in San Francisco, Paris, Dubai & India.
It features an eclectic mix of original electronic vibes, synthesizers, infectious rhythms & catchy vocal melodies brought to life with acoustic & electronic instruments.
Sapta has released 7 albums so far.
Come home to the music!