Channel your inner non-conformist deviant this Sunday afternoon as we bring you the country’s best Alternative Rap-Rock outfit, Underground Authority, who take the stage to ‘express not impress’ with protest poetry, socio-political messages/Anti-capitalism agenda in their song lyrics!

About the Artists:

Underground Authority is a result of the coming together of two previously existing acts, !Banned (Rap-Metal) and Skydive (Rap-Rock) in 2010. The band is primarily known for their original compositions which always have a message to portray with a political inclination, ‘Protest Poetry’ as they themselves like to term their genre. Their music is flavoured by a blend of reggae, alternative-rock, rap-rock and hard-rock. The band is fronted by Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer a.k.a. E.P.R (emcee/poet/rapper), a follower of Anarchist Communism, who is known for his incredible energy, stage presence and passionate delivery of vocals.

Bryan Cadd:

Bryan Cadd is one of India’s dynamic artists in its vastly emerging pool of DJ’s & Electronic Music Producers.

He kickstarted his career as a DJ at the ripe age of 16, dishing out beats in private / corporate events & clubs in & around Pune, India. He started self learning Music Production at 17 and since then has been honing & toning his skills behind the decks as well as in the studio.

He’s held a residency at one of Pune’s most elite nightlife venue’s “Euriska” & has worked his way up starting as an “Assistant Resident DJ” back in ’08 for free. Fast forward a few years later & he’s nailed it at numerous nightlife venues in the city as well as the country. His deft touch, sleek mixing style & powerful yet spiritual sets has kept the crowds jumping for more.

His music is influenced by a various bunch of absolutely genius artists such as Black Coffee, Hans Zimmer, Stephan Bodzin, Deadmau5, Attlas, Petar Dundov & Daft Punk to name a few…

He aspires to spread peace & love through his dedication for music.

Come home to the music!