T-Base was founded for all guys. A guy who wants clothes that are minimal yet make a statement, instead of screaming out loud. A guy who is confident without being boastful. A guy who is charismatic, sometimes without saying a word. A guy like you.

T-Base is no nonsense. Great quality and head turning styles are the fundamentals behind it’s conception.

We put 30+ years of export experience behind the quality & hand-picked designers to bring to you collections that are as affordable as they are double take worthy.

The inspiration for our design came from a few bottles of our favorite brew, a poster of Scarlett Johansson and about 25 rounds of Tekken IV – in short,
being a guy!

No one understands the male specimen quite like we do. And as such, we understand the position clothes
need to play.

Clothes that talk for you, that makes a lasting first impression. Clothes that hold up and don’t restrict you while you’re out on the dance floor. And are easy to get out of when you bring a dance partner home.

Heck! Even if you’re sleeping alone, at least you’ve got T-base still on you.

Whatever your game, you’ll be dressed to score!